Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Our hospital open all five buildings are buildings A, B, C, D and E building. Building E is the most modern buildings this area is up to 15 floors 1st-5th is an outpatient service (OPD) The sixth floor is a critical cardiac patient, and the 7th-16th floor (No 13 floor) are all patients rooms. 

Our hospital can service patients from 1500 to 1800 people per a day and supports up to 391 for outpatient beds. In addition, the roof will have helicopter pad. For transfer emergency patients. Moreover, the E building was opened with the full facilities in full. 

Since the operation until now, the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has focused on the provision of comprehensive medical services and attention to continuous improvement in all aspects and focus on the quality of medical services and recognized standards of international service. USA (Joint Commission International - JCI: USA).

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has specialized medical expertises, the increase is the order of the establishment of clinical and medical services and specific disease continued. The hospital with various medical and healthcare field. Most comprehensive in North East can be considered as medical places is the highest level of comment landscape.

This is another step in the development of medical services in Thailand stands already to step as comparable international Medical Hub of the East and the Medical Hub of Asia.