Facelife side effects

Know about post surgery side effects

The facelift surgery is not as complicated as the post surgery side effects as innumerable factors tend to affect individuals’ healing process and recovery time. For instance, smokers face many complications to the tune of about 1500 percent more than a normal patient. Get the best post surgery side effects information here.

Facelift swelling, bruising, scarring and pain:

Pain, bruising and swelling after facelift surgeries are definite post surgery side effects and have to be dealt with cautiously. The pain is bearable but in the case of severe pain the matter should be reported to the physician at once. You may have a skin numbness which is natural, but this should go away after several days.

Swelling could be alarming, but there is nothing to panic as this is a natural sight following a facelift surgery. This swelling is a way of the body’s reaction to injury and it may take many weeks to reduce and you should comply with the physician’s medication to reduce the pain.

The area around the eyes would experience the worst bruising and this would take many weeks to be partially cured and months to have a total recovery. This is one of the longest post surgery side effects that you will have to experience. Scarring however may not be noticed since they are mostly along the hairline or behind the ears and they go unnoticed.

Depression is one of the post surgery side effects

This is one of the most vital side effects in a post surgery recovery, but sadly this is not given much priority by physicians. Depression is something that can result in a complicated risk factor affecting the mental stability of the patient.

  • Anesthesia used to make you sleep has chemical traces and these remains in the body for more than three weeks causing you to feel lethargic and unexplained depression that would make you weep.
  • Most pain killers come under the narcotic drugs list and they could make you feel dizzy as they are depressants that make you slow down your activities causing you to have emotional bouts.
  • Most of all being confined to bed is the worst post surgery side effects that no one would want to undergo, especially when the facelift surgery demands weeks of being in bed depending on people to help you.
  • The next difficult factor to consider is that you are not just lying in bed unable to help yourself; your face looks all black and blue. If you accidently take a peek into the mirror you will surely not like the sight of your own face during its repair period.

The only ways of getting over these abnormalities of post surgery side effects is to first get prepared to face the surgery and then the recovery. Get acquainted with the pictures of other patients and relax your mind with the thought that you too would look the same way. Avoid smoking and alcohol for at least two to three weeks during the recovery period, take the physician’s instructions and prescriptions seriously and be patient throughout the healing process.