Facelift risks and complications

Understand the post surgery risks and complications

All surgeries involve a certain amount of risk and discomfort but the patients should be made to understand the need for the surgery and the benefit that one gets from the surgery. In the case of facelift surgeries patients are excited about having a new look that they sometimes lack procedures that should be done before the surgery, for instance asking the surgeon what are the post surgery risks and complications.

This is the most essential part in a facelift surgery. Choose a surgeon who has much experience in facelift surgeries and discuss everything related to pre-surgery, during surgery and post surgery risks and benefits before settling for a facelift. However beyond these precautions there are always many post surgery risks and complications that the patient alone has to endure.

Anesthesia could create problems

Anesthesia seems to be a simple process that all patients and surgeons share in common at the time of surgery. However, the registered anesthetist should know the exact quantity that should be administered into a patient. Some patients suffer increased heart rates or their blood pressure rating goes up at the time of anesthesia. The surgeon should be able to handle such patients meticulously. Patients who have had an earlier history of malignant hyperthermia should inform the physician or the anesthetist before the surgery as this would have a reaction with anesthesia.

Bleeding and blood clots are possible during surgery

A normal amount of bleeding during surgery is expected but if bleeding gets out of control a transfusion becomes necessary or the surgery may have to be terminated. Blood clots too are significant signs either during surgery or during post recovery period. For this purpose the facelift patients are given medication to thin the blood to avoid clots that could have fatal results if left unattended. This is one of the major post surgery risks and complications.

Delayed healing after surgery

This is not a problem in all facelift patients, except a few especially those who are diabetic, had been suffering from chronic illness before or has an immune system deficiency, the healing process becomes slower and more difficult. Such patients should make a firm decision whether a facelift surgery is necessary and if yes they should be made aware of the post surgery risks and complications.

Avoid infection after surgery

Since the skin is soft and open after surgery possibilities of it getting infected are there, though the surgery was done in a clean environment. Surgical incisions and blood cause infections and these should be taken care of with the help of experienced medical staff who will administer proper dressing that would prevent infection.

Other important factors related to post surgery risks and complications

Patients who choose an inefficient surgeon or an inexperienced surgeon may get disappointed with the outcome of their surgery. There are possibilities of heavy scarring and bruising that cannot be repaired unless with another surgery. In certain cases patients who have opted for local anesthesia is awake throughout the process, could be less tolerant and the facelift process may undergo certain difficulties resulting in poor results.

To avoid such complications the entire process should be discussed at length between the surgeon and the patient. The patient should be aware of the post surgery risks and complications before getting to know the benefits that would be had by a facelift surgery.