Facelift Recovery

Follow surgeon’s instructions during post surgery recovery.

Facelift surgeries are generally a long process extending from two to six hours, depending on the type of skin and the patient’s physical condition. It is conducted either in a hospital or at the physician’s clinic. It does not require hospitalization except in a few cases where special post surgery care is necessary. The post surgery recovery period could last for over 8 to 10 weeks to be completely benefitted from the facelift therapy. During this period the patient would feel a lot of pain and discomfort which should be endured if you want a beautiful face.

Simple discomforts will arise after the surgery

During the post surgery recovery time you will have to put up to certain hardships like pain for which you will need medication, some swelling of areas like the eyelids and other areas will be present. The dressing would be extra large and soft, but however this would be replaced within a day by an elastic wrap. For the first day after the surgery you would look extremely blue and black with drainage tubes that may be there for several days, to drain out the excess blood and fluid.

Hair can be washed after two days but strenuous jobs should not be undertaken. The swelling would take around four to six weeks to reduce and you can begin to show yourself around at family and close friends’ dinners. It would take a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks to recover completely from a facelift surgery. Hence it is advisable to plan at least three months before time for a facelift surgery, if you have an important occasion ahead of you, since the post surgery recovery period is slow.

The physician’s responsibilities include,

The physician would monitor you after the surgery and after a few hours you can be taken home, you cannot ride or drive. When getting the pain killer medications make sure that they don’t have any side effects that could cause unwanted reactions. After taking the pain killer medicine if you have an allergy of any kind, call your physician immediately and report the matter and take his advice seriously. Keep your head on an elevation while sleeping during the post surgery recovery period so it would help to reduce the swelling faster.

During the post surgery recovery period you should not go outdoors as it would affect the skin and cause irritation or infection. The skin would be rough to the touch for a few months but with proper medication this would get soft and supple making you look beautiful. One should bear in mind that a facelift surgery is meant not to remove the wrinkles fully but to reduce them.
A few post surgery recovery risks could be excess bleeding, scarring, skin necrosis which may result in a scar behind the ear. The facial nerves may be injured in the process, a numbness in the skin could occur, hair loss, cardiac complications, sutures may resurface leaving scars that cannot be repaired unless you have a second facelift surgery. All these could happen not always but in certain cases depending on the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s health condition.