Facelift Candidates

Am I a candidate who can take a face lift?

A very suitable question indeed, am I a candidate for a facelift surgery? Today everyone loves to have a clear complexion and a beautiful face to get noticed either by the opposite sex or just to stay in the limelight wherever one goes. If you are attractive you will automatically get noticed even without you noticing it. Don’t ask yourself this question anymore to find your answers go online or ask your experienced physician.

A facelift candidate would leave behind ugly loose skin with wrinkles on it, dark rings under the eyes and unwanted lines around the nose, excess fat on the neck. In place of these you will get tighter skin, a rested appearance in the face and a perfect nose and a flawless neckline. If you find that your jaw line had been ugly with loose unwanted skin, you are in for a surprise after the surgery. You definitely have made that right choice by asking am I a candidate for a facelift surgery.

Requirements for being a facelift candidate

If you are a non-smoker and your skin has good elasticity then you are an ideal candidate for this surgery. However many are smokers and the type of skin varies for each individual. Face lift surgeries are best for those who are psychologically and physically sound in body and mind. Don’t ask yourself am I candidate, instead ask am I aware of the complications and risks involved in the surgery?

If you are aware that facelift surgery is an accomplishment with limitations as well. It requires a considerable amount of healing time and you should be physically prepared to go through the healing process. The final results depend on your bone structure and the flexibility of your skin since facial surgery pulls the skin and make it tighter.

Possible side effects and risk involved in the surgery

A surgery means scarring, bleeding and bruising. Hence you should be aware of these side effects that may happen if you are susceptible to the complications involved in a face lift surgery. During the recovery period you may encounter infection, irregularity in your hair growth, temporary or permanent injury to the facial nerves, bleeding or bruising. These can be rectified during the healing process only if you strictly follow the physician’s instructions.

Choose the right surgeon

Plastic surgery has become a contemporary craze and people everywhere, not only accident victims but celebrities and individuals prefer to have a beautiful face to suit their life styles and job requirements. Such individuals are sure to ask their physicians this question am I a candidate for a facelift surgery? Hence a huge number of plastic surgeons too have cropped up making it difficult to find a perfectionist in this field.

You should choose a perfectionist who has much experience in face lift surgeries. You should disclose all information about your skin type, health conditions, whether you are diabetic, a smoker, alcoholic or drug addict. These are vital points that should not be hidden from the surgeon as it may affect your health seriously after the surgery. The physician is the person to whom you should ask the question am I a candidate for a perfect facelift surgery?