During Facelift

What happens during surgery for facelift?

After completing the initial formalities of arranging for an assistant to accompany you to and back from the hospital or the place of surgery, you have prepared yourself for the surgery. Definitely everyone would be curious to know what happens during surgery. This is a genuine question and should be understood perfectly well.

Anesthesia to prepare you for the surgery

The first preparation is the anesthesia session. Some patients would get their facelifts under local anesthesia which would numb the face and allows you to feel no pain, but a bit of discomfort sometimes, because you are awake. Some patients would require general anesthesia that would put you to sleep during surgery and you will wake up after it is over.

In some cases your surgeon may suggest that you stay overnight for a post-surgical observation. Since anesthesia is involved with facelift surgeries it is mandatory that you inform your surgeon of all your medications, vitamin pills and other drugs that are non-prescriptive. Some of these drugs may cause unpleasant reactions when they are paired with anesthesia.

During surgery you are the surgeon’s patient

The surgeon will begin with making incisions along the temples and starting from the front he would continue to the back of your ears. This process would allow him access to the connective tissue and muscle separating the skin from the fat that lies under it. The excess fat would be removed either by trimming method or a technique similar to liposuction during surgery.

Having done this the muscles would be tightened giving you a firm foundation. The removed skin would be placed once again this time trimming the excess skin away and giving you a firm and wrinkle free appearance. If fat is present under the chin during surgery, an incision could be possible to have access to the neck fat which will be removed in the same process as the face.

To complete the process your surgeon would make fine stitches or attach special clips meant for this purpose, on the areas with a drainage tube to remove excess fluid and blood. An ointment would be applied to help the healing process to be fast. To minimize swelling and reduce infection the whole area would be bandaged.

The process may seem scary but it is safe

Using filters and injectibles are only timely solutions to facelifts while the surgery would last for at least 10 years and hence it is worth the time and money spent on it. Aging is common for everyone, but no one would like to accept the fact, especially when you are still buzzing around meeting friends and important personalities or just simple because your job requires that you should be young and elegant.

What happens during surgery is really very scary to read about. But if you have a perfectionist for a surgeon there is nothing that is impossible or scary at all. However, it is always better to take a general anesthesia so you will not be awake to watch what is taking place, especially if you are a nervous type. During surgery there would be a lot of blood and scary images of your face which you will not be prepared to look at.