Before Facelift

Vital procedures to follow before surgery of the face

Facelift surgeries are quite expensive and unaffordable to all. However different methods of payment have relaxed the heavy onetime payment breaking it up into affordable installment payments using credit cards or if you are registered with a healthcare insurance company. The biggest before surgery question is the surgeon’s fee which may vary according to the geographic location of the patient, the demand of the surgeon and the time the surgeon spends on the procedure. Apart from this the lab fees, anesthetist’s fee, hospital and operating room fees and the device being used for the implantation becomes chargeable.

Choose the right surgeon

The surgeon you choose should be a member of ASPS and should have undergone five years training in surgery with at least two years of plastic surgery. The surgeon should stick to the best ethics in operating and fulfill the patients’ safety, conduct surgery only under accredited medical conditions. To know if your surgeon is ASPS check the logo. Most of all, the surgeon should be trained in all types of plastic surgeries including breast, face and other parts of the body.

Preparing yourself before surgery

Ask many questions to your surgeon about the risk factors that are involved in the surgery. Let the surgeon know what you are expecting after the surgery; get a proper opinion about your expectations to avoid disappointments. Get to know about the recovery time and the possible side effects. Before surgery get the second opinion from another surgeon and from friends who have already undergone a facelift surgery, for the best answers.

Facelift surgery risks include bleeding, irregularity in hair growth, bruising, etc. which are minor and can be rectified except in certain cases where the patient’s skin is not flexible or if the patient had hidden certain facts of smoking and alcoholism from the surgeon before surgery. If you are interested in performing operations on eyelids, it is advisable to do it together with the face lift operation for better results. If you are intending to have a dental re-setting it can be done before surgery for a facelift or after it too.

While talking to your surgeon don’t hide any medical history as it may hinder the recovery process or the surgery itself. Since you are expecting god results and you have chosen an ASPS member surgeon to help you, you should strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon before surgery and after surgery as well. Consider your surgeon as your personal partner in the surgical process throughout and co-operate fully.

Preparations on the day of the facelift surgery

You will require a person to drive you to and from the place of the surgery. Make a note of the phone number of the assistant who is accompanying you and don’t forget to give a copy of it to the surgeon who is working on your face. You should check in at least an hour before the scheduled surgery time to fill up a few forms in preparation before surgery. On an average your surgery would take a minimum of two to six hours. Keep your assistant informed of the time involved so you can be picked up in time.

Maintaining a healthy diet and with regular exercise your body could be well maintained as long as you are young and energetic. This can put away a facelift surgery until you are aged and wrinkled and require a surgery to keep you looking fit and elegant. Whatever the preparations before surgery are, the most important factor to keep in mind is the financial and physical risks that are involved in a facelift surgery. Precautions to solve these risk factors are mandatory to have a successful surgery and the best results.