PAI Clinic

Surgeries by PAI surgeons are performed either at the following:

PAI was founded by Dr. Preecha, who is an innovator to research and development of plastic surgery for more over 2 decades in thailand with the latest technology uses to achieve maximum benefit and satisfaction.

Nowaday, our clinic always increasing and enhancing the ability of the plastic surgeons by trainning or semiinars at both country region and international.

Surgical technologies are continuing, the plastic surgeons was invited to join the world's leading knowledge exchange. In order to achieve the goal of the high potential in surgery. In addition, from being recognized around the world in plastic surgery by Dr. Preecha team and plastic surgeons of PAI made TV5 from France BBC CNN NHK Discovery channel and television stations, national Belgium, Canada and the UK for broadcasting photo and interview Dr. Preecha during the surgery, and personally. For the benefit of plastic surgery industry to spread in to worldwide.

Especially from 30 years of experience in gender reassignment surgery by Dr. Preecha that has developed a surgical procedure becomes to international standard and satisfaction to the patient who was received sex reassignment surgery more than 3,500 peaple since 1980 to 2005 from around the world . Today surgeon sex reassignment surgery in Thailand has been recognized internationally was trained by Dr. Preecha. Inaddition, Dr. Preecha is continues to contribute to and understand patient by he said, "People today, who are want to receive sex reassignment surgery does not mean that they have abnormalities in the heart but has proven to be the cause of genetics."

Surgical sex reassignment surgery are available at the PAI such as male to female surgery, Thoracic Surgery, face reshaping surgery,  surgery minimize Adam's apple. Surgery modify shape Convert from female to male and etc.