Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

The MTF Surgery Hospital is an Aesthetic concept Surgery center of Bangkok. There are many of advance procedures to done the plastic surgery in best way. There is combines the best and perfect medical technology and distinctive approaches to making an aesthetically perfect solution in this area. The doctors and surgeons of this MTF Surgery Hospital are highly experienced with internationally trained with good in English. You can compare the result with other surgical clinics for better conformations. In this regard, there are so many surgeries are available in this hospital so that you draw the best one. The best surgery procedure available in this hospital so that you can search out the surgeries in the online market such as:

  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Facial Feminization
  • SRS
  • Face Lift
  • Breast Augmentation

In this regard the patients can catch the perfect solution for problem as well as enhanced their lifestyle in positive manners. The Sex Reassignment Surgery is a final step in process of helping the people who have already experienced conflicts between sexual perceptions & the physical characteristics from birth that in the medical terminology is the Gender Dysphoria. This can help patient who undergoes operation to align anatomy with inner being as well as allow him to have the normal & happy life. Sex reassignment surgery can transform sexual organ conforming to desired inner mind for a person to lead happier life with new chosen gender.

Thus, to undergo the Sex Reassignment Surgery that is been considered most important surgery, paving a way to the new life way, it is essential to prepare oneself just by looking pertinent information about surgery prior to making the decision. It is important while selecting right surgeon well equipped with the right experience & expertise in the Sex Reassignment Surgery and who will make the female sexual organ that looks very beautiful & natural, with the deep vagina, and proportionate to physical condition, able of perceive the sexual sensations. This can help patient who has also undergone the surgery connect physical & ental state of mind, as well as can lead the normal happy life.

Characteristics of one who qualify for the Sex Reassignment Surgery that is from male 2 female are:

  • Patient should be 20 age years and for below age of 20, and it is needed that legal parents and guardian authorize the permission to surgery.
  • Patient should have continuously taken the female hormone for a year.
  • Patient should had feminine feelings for long time and since initial or first recollections.
  • Patient should have led woman’s life for one year.
  • Patient should feel disgusted with sexual organ like it was excess part of body.
  • Patient has undergone mental test, and is certified by psychiatrist like in the normal mental state, as well as suited for Sex Reassignment Surgery.
  • Patient should be in the physically fit state.
  • Plastic surgery undertaken reassign patient’s sex from the male to female also involves use of skin, tissues as well as sexual sensory nerves of patient to transform male sexual organ in female sexual organ, which is right.